fleet-imagesOur colourful fleet consists of four CYQUABUSES and seven AQUABUSES. We make every effort to deploy them for maximum efficiency in handling a mix of charters and regular commuter traffic.

Aquabus Ferries Ltd. was formed in 1983 with one jaunty little 12-passenger ferry serving the Hornby Street/Granville Island route. Three sister ferries were on stream by the time EXPO opened in 1986. As the EXPO lands became developed in following years, routes expanded to the eastern end of the Creek—Yaletown, Stamp’s Landing and Science World. Business prospered and three more sister ferries were added to make today’s total of seven 12-passenger, Benford-designed Aquabuses.

Aquabus always carried bikes, even on these little ferries, but as the service grew in popularity, the first dedicated bike ferry (CYQUABUS) was added in 1993. Cyclists flocked to it, preferring a ferry ride to venturing over a bridge. By the 2010 Olympics, three more CYQUABUSES were added, all with greater capacity and many improvements i.e., the ability to carry wheelchairs and the large strollers that had become so popular.

Every day of the year but Christmas and Boxing Day, the salty, rainbow-colored Aquabus fleet can be seen ubiquitously plying the waters of False Creek—a unique constituent of the exciting fabric of Vancouver.

MOST of our docks/ramps are wheelchair accessible.
They are:

  • Dock 1 (Hornby Street)
  • Dock 2 (Granville Island)
  • Dock 3 (David Lam)
  • Dock 6 (Yaletown)
  • Dock 7 (Plaza of Nations)
  • Dock 8 (The Village)

Feel free call the office for more information: 604-689-5858

Wheelchair users please note that during times of extreme high and low tides, the access ramp at Hornby St. can be steeper than at our other docks, which are articulated to accommodate extreme tides. The dock attendant or ferry operator will gladly assist. You can view local tide tables here.